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The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap

The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap



Founder, Awareness Academy

Steve Birdsall

Project Manager, Southern Spars

Paul Jarvie (emcee)

Health and Safety Expert, EMA


Building a Safe, Resilient and Productive Workplace

WEDNESDAY 7 AUGUST   |   11AM – 12PM + Q&A

A safe and positive work environment is crucial for employee wellbeing, productivity, and business resilience. The numbers speak for themselves. We know that:  

(a) Workplace harm costs New Zealand $4.4 billion each year (Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum) 

(b) You can boost productivity and strengthen your business’s ability to withstand economic challenges by creating a supportive, safe work environment.  

So, how do we get from A to B?  

In this expert-led webinar, we’ll guide you through practical strategies to prioritise wellbeing and safety and foster a resilient, high-performing workplace culture. Our panel will cover:  

  • How to improve workplace health, safety and wellbeing with quick, cost-effective strategies 
  • A business case study with Southern Spars on the positive outcomes of a safer workplace  

Plus the latest employee wellbeing data, plenty of time for Q&A, and a tailored takeaway resource with tips and tricks you can put in place right away.  

Your expert panel: 

Zac Parish is Founder and Directory of the Awareness Academy, specialising in evidence-based leadership and staff training in mindfulness, wellness, and resilience. Having spent six years as a Buddhist monk – he brings a unique perspective to wellbeing in the workplace.  

Sharing a business case study is Southern Spars, an industry pioneer in superyachts and racing spars who saw remarkable results from improving health and wellbeing for their teams.  

Leading the conversation is industry-expert and EMA Health and Safety expert Paul Jarvie, with 30 years of experience in advocating for and facilitating for businesses. 

Resources to get you started


Personal Effectiveness - An Introduction

If you are struggling to stay on top of your workload, and you need a few tricks to keep you focused, this 90-minute webinar is ideal.


Stress Management and Mental Resilience

If you find it difficult to manage your stress, this one-day workshop will make a difference. It is valuable to anyone who feels that anxiety is impacting on their lives in and out of work.


Become a Mental Health First Aider

Gain a better understanding of mental health issues and the effect they can have on both individuals and your business with mental Health First Aid training. Learn how to help people struggling with their mental or emotional state by implementing positive changes.

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