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The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap

The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap


Aaron creighton

Senior Data Strategist, MPI


Technology Strategist, Microsoft


Founder, ZX Security Ltd




Harnessing Technology to Unlock Your Productivity

TUESDAY 5 NOVEMBER   |   11AM – 12PM + Q&A

Technology impacts the way we work, from corporate offices, to retail, to the factory floor. In 2024, leveraging the right technology is crucial for driving your workforce productivity, revenue growth, and securing a sustainable competitive edge in your industry.  

The numbers tell a compelling story:  

  • Companies using AI and automation are 33% more profitable than non-adopters (Accenture) 
  • 67% of leaders cite lack of digitisation as their biggest challenge (Gartner)  
  • Businesses prioritising tech investments are 2x more likely to achieve revenue growth (Dell)  

From generating presentations, to instant meeting transcription, understanding this technology can supercharge your efficiency and future-proof your operations.  

So, how do you balance the productivity and profit possibilities with the potential pitfalls?  

In this expert-led webinar you’ll gain a roadmap to safely navigate the evolving tech landscape and understand how to maximise opportunities. You’ll hear how to:  

  • Get quick productivity wins by optimising existing digital tools 
  • Protect your business against internal and external threats by prioritising cybersecurity 
  • Boost your outputs with practical new tools you might not be aware of 

With plenty of time for Q&A and a tailored post-webinar resource, you’ll walk away equipped with the knowledge to use tech to increase your productivity and resilience.  

Your expert panel: 

Our exciting keynote speakers are at the forefront of the technological revolution.  

Aaron Creighton is an expert in Large Language Models, analytics and security, delivering solutions to clients such as MPI and Customs.  

Simon Howard brings 20+ years of experience in all sides of security and runs Australasia’s largest hacker conference.  

Hilary Walton is a multi-award-winning Microsoft tech strategist, author and podcast host with a diverse background in organisational psychology, ICT, risk management and security.  

Finally, emcee Justin Flitter is founder of NewZealand.AI and has provided the road map to countless businesses on their AI journey. 

Resources to get you started


Cybersecurity Awareness eLearning

Learn what can happen when cybercriminals get access, and what to do to protect yourself from potential online attacks.


AI & Thought Diversity eLearning

AI is bringing workplace change and for businesses thrive, Thought Diversity will be a ‘human-centred’ skill that will need to continuously develop.


AI & Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking

For businesses to thrive in an AI world, Analytical, Critical and Creative Thinking will be skills that will be needing to be constantly developed.

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