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The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap

The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap



CEO, Institute of Strategic Leadership

Nick Sheppard

Head of Learning, EMA

Sue Osborne

Head of People Development Foodstuffs


Developing a Kickass Workforce


Your people are your biggest asset and investing in their development will increase your productivity and profit margins. The stats prove it:  

  • Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform peers by 147% in earnings per share (Gallup)  
  • 94% of businesses report an employee training program delivers a tangible increase in productivity (Lorman)  
  • Companies that invest in employee development have 24% higher profit margins (Philips) 

But with limited time and budget on your hands and a diversifying workforce, what’s the most effective way to achieve these results? In this expert-led webinar, we’ll equip you with a roadmap for cultivating a high-performing workforce, and how to:  

  • Develop your leaders to lead, building motivated and productive teams 
  • Deliver measurable results through training that suits your business needs 
  • Learn what worked for Foodstuffs, one of New Zealand’s largest employers  

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and a free resource of practical strategies you can implement immediately.  

Your expert panel: 

Foodstuffs is New Zealand’s largest grocery retailer, employing over 24,000 people. Sue Osborne, North Island Head of Learning at Foodstuffs will share a case study on the unique benefits of rolling out strategic development.  

Joining the conversation is John Wadsworth, an MBA holder and CEO of the Institute for Strategic Leadership, who designed and implemented New Zealand’s largest merger to form the Auckland Council, and our emcee Nick Sheppard. Nick is Head of Learning at the EMA and his background includes roles as Deputy Chief Executive – Schools and Performance at Unitec and High Performance Manager of the Auckland Blues rugby team.  

Resources to get you started


Puzzle People - Transform Business Results

Transform Business Results’ covers team communication and driving results, with the first module providing an overview of the 4 communication styles, and the next modules taking an in-depth look.


Coaching Essentials for Managers

This two-day course provides a comprehensive foundation for managers to integrate coaching principles into their leadership approach. You will leave with a solid understanding of coaching fundamentals and the confidence to apply these skills.


The Ultimate Team Leader Programme

If you’re currently working as a team leader, supervisor or manager, or aiming to become one, this extensive programme is ideal. It’s the perfect investment for any team leader wanting to build and lead powerful teams within their organisation.

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