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The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap

The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap



Co-Founder, 4 Day Week

Dr Ellen Joan Ford

Founder, #workschoolhours

Pam Roa

Managing Director, Longveld Ltd

Brett O'riley (emcee)



Rethinking Our Workday:

Why the 9-to-5 is so last century


Is it time to rethink our workday?

The way we live our lives has drastically changed in the last 70 years, yet our workday still looks much the same as it did in the 1950s.

As the way we work changes, and our workforce diversifies, should we move the conversation away from hours and towards outputs and productivity?

While it is hotly debated, there is increasing evidence that introducing more flexibility into your workplace can improve your team’s productivity and help you attract and retain top talent.

In fact, some research suggests introducing a four-day work week can result in increased revenue, minimise absenteeism rate, reduce burnout and lead to decreased resignation. But do these results stand-up to scrutiny, are they applicable to different sectors, and can it work in your business?

In this Webinar, we will debate these ideas, explore the practicalities, and answer the questions you have always wanted to know about the four-day work week and other forms of flexible working.

This Webinar outlines:

  • A deep dive into the four-day work week and other types of flexible working arrangement.
  • An analysis of what the research and evidence has found from those companies who have implemented a four-day work week.
  • A look at what you need to be thinking about if you want to introduce more flexible working arrangements in your workplace.
  • An opportunity for you to have your questions answered about the pros and cons of a four-day work week.

Resources to get you started


A-Z Guide: Flexible Working Arrangements

This guide details the flexible working arrangements scheme as introduced in an amendment to the Employment Relations Act in 2008.


The Ultimate Flexible Working Tool Kit

The Ultimate Flexible Working Tool Kit provides you with the key policies, templates and guides to help you create a well organised and functional working arrangement that suits all parties.


The Dynamic Workplace: What You Need To Know

This eLearning course supports the wider business in navigating changes in a flexible, remote or hybrid work environment (incs: teamwork and communication).

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