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The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap

The Workplace Revolution

Your Resilience Roadmap


Lisa MuLligan

CEO, The Culture Ministry

NIck Walshe

Board Trustee, Acorn Neurodiversity


CEO, Acorn Neurodiversity

Trina Tamati (emcee)

Director & CEO, Tōnui Māori Economic Consultancy


How Workforce Diversity Can Be Your Superpower


None of us are the same. That is why your approach to diversity and inclusion has never been more important. 

For example, did you know up to 20% of the population has a neurological difference, one-in-four New Zealanders were born overseas, almost 5% of the population identifies as LGBTQ, and that Gen Z will soon overtake the Baby Boomers in the workforce? 

Every one of us has different attributes, cultural backgrounds, values, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. While this can create a recipe for misunderstanding and conflict, it can also be the secret sauce that unleashes your business growth. 

Why? Because we all bring different thinking and approaches to the table that can help you solve problems and unlock new paths. 

But how do you create a work culture that embraces diversity? 

Join us as we speak to the experts and look at how you can create a work culture that embraces and celebrates our diversity so that we can form a cohesive team working together and embracing everyone’s strengths. 

 This Webinar will outline:

  • How to develop an empowering Diversity and Inclusion Policy that brings the best out of everyone. 
  • A deep dive into neurodiversity, what it means, its benefits, and how to create a work environment that is supportive, understanding, and respectful. 
  • Tips on creating a positive team culture that bring everyone together to work towards a common purpose. 
  • An informative Q&A session with our expert speakers.

Resources to get you started


A-Z Guide: Diversity in the Workplace

This free guide discusses what diversity in the workplace entails. Learn how recognising and embracing diversity in the workplace has benefits for organisations as well as individuals.


How to Recognise and Overcome Bias

Learn what unconscious bias is, this eLearning course explores strategies on how to break free from this unintentional mental habit and learn ways to overcome bias.


Influencing People In-Person Workshop

Great leadership isn’t just about technical proficiency or exercising authority, it’s about having influence and the ability to persuade people not under your authority. Suitable for people at all organisational levels.

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